Thursday, June 18, 2009

Best Friend

Denny Crane: What I give to you, what I share, I do with no one else. I like to think what you give to me, you do with nobody else. Now that may sound silly to you, but here's what I think is silly: the idea that jealousy or fidelity is reserved for romance.

Alan Shore: Gosh, what I get from you, Denny... People walk around today calling everyone their best friend. The term doesn't have any real meaning anymore. Mere acquaintances are lavished with hugs and kisses upon a second or at most third meeting. Birthday cards get passed around offices so everybody can scribble a snippet of sentimentality for a colleague they've barely met. And everyone just loves everyone. As a result, when you tell somebody you love them today, it isn't much heard. I love you, Denny. You are my best friend. I can't imagine going through life without my best friend. [Pause] I'm not going to kiss you, however.

- Boston Legal - Episode 3x09 - On The Ledge

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