Saturday, April 26, 2014


What is normal? If you feel sad, do you just have a case of the blues, or are you suffering from a neurochemical imbalance? The vast majority of the case studies we've been looking at involve patients whose brains are anything but normal, and there's no question they suffer. it all bad? For some, their neurological states might actually protect them from painful truths that no one would want to think about. Others develop a cheerful disposition that may help them cope with situations the rest of us would find disturbing. And if we are to establish a baseline, then we also have to ask ourselves how the brains of even so called "normal" people respond to certain stimuli. And if we're able to treat those people living with neurological disorders, restore them to "normalcy," well of course we're helping them. But might we sometimes also be stripping away what makes them unique? Robbing them of an essential part of who they are?

- Dr. Daniel Pierce in Perception - 1x01 - Pilot

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