Sunday, February 2, 2014


"Do you want to try to find those who left you here?"
"She told you about them?"
"[Yes.] How long have you been here?"
"Since they left. A very long time."
"A long time to be alone."
"Save your compassion. It's revolting. You offer it like a prize, when in fact it's an insult."
"Because you feel unworthy."
"You overrate your gift. You humans are puny, weak."
"But our spirit is indomitable."
"And still you die from a flick of my power."
"A great poet once said, 'All spirits are enslaved that serve things evil.'"
"You do not understand. I do not serve things evil. I am evil."
"Oh, no, you're not."
"I am a skin of evil, left here by a race of titans, who believed if they rid themselves of me, they would free the bonds of destructiveness."
"Yes, so here you are, feeding on your own loneliness, consumed by your own pain, believing your own lies. You say you are true evil, but I'll tell you what true evil is -- it is to assimilate to you, 'tis when we surrender our freedom, our dignity, instead of defying you."
"I will kill you, and those in there."
"But you will still be here, in this place, forever, alone, immortal. That's your real fear -- never to die, never again to be united with those who left you here."

- Captain Jean-Luc Picard and Armus in Star Trek: The Next Generation - 1x23 - The Skin of Evil

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